Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fashion Advice: Wearing 2 or 3 different patterns

Okay- I know all you fashionista's out there have heard of this new trend-wearing different patterns in the same outfit. This new trend goes against ALL ANYONE has EVER told us about fashion. I mean, even our grandmothers know not to mix patterns. Now, this is the cool new thing. So I will show you some pictures of something you DON'T want to do with patterns: 

see this girl- she is wearing striped shorts with a different colored striped shirt. She is also wearing checkered socks. DON'T DO THIS!

Now look at this lady- she took a bright orange skirt and paired it with beige pumps and a brown top. The trick with wearing different patterns together is to have a focal item-something that is bright and has a big pattern. Then, make all your other items a darker, less attentive color. Brown and beige are good. The most important thing about wearing different patterns is to DIAL IT DOWN!!!!!!!

First Post

Hi-I'm Kitty Couture! I prefer to be not recognized and be anonymous. This blog will be all about fashion Do's and Don'ts. I know that I am probably just typing to no one, but whatever. I have to give credit to the Disney Channel hit series JESSIE, where Emma is Kitty Couture. That is where I got the idea and name. I will be posting 3 times every other weekend. Stay tuned for fashion advice! Hope you like!!!!!